Are you ready for a different approach to business?

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Welcome to The Boudoir Business Bootcamp.

Are you ready to combine your passions, desires and ambitions in an empowering and glamourous weekend that you will never forget?

Are you ready to collaborate, share and develop lifelong personal and business relationships with 8 other like-minded female entrepreneurs?

This intensive weekend will give you:

  • Increased Confidence
  • A Business Makeover Combined With Personal Transformation
  • Collaborative Creativity
  • Fearless Fun

You may not think that boudoir and business are in any way connected but they totally are! They both embody being FEARLESS. It is not living without fear, in fact it’s the exact opposite. It is trying things that you are fearful of, knowing that when you accomplish them you will be a better, more fulfilled person.

Get ready to unleash your “Inner Business Bombshell”


This intensive weekend will give both your personal & business confidence a boost that you have never experienced before.

Whether you…
have been in front of a camera before or not;
are just starting out in business;
or have a successful career.

We will be guiding you on an empowered, transformative and confident ride.

Buckle up your fears and get ready to undress your desires!

The time is now to take the plunge, take the risk and show up in the world how you really want to be seen in your business and life.  The world is waiting for you to share your unique gifts!

What is it you really WANT?

We will help guide you to MANIFEST and ATTRACT your desires…because when you tap into your inner feminine you come to realize YOU CAN CREATE whatever you want in your life and in your business with the WILLINGNESS & DESIRE.

By the way it’s not about being the perfect weight or the “ideal” size in order to feel sexy and embody confidence.

It’s not about what’s in your bank account in order make an impact in your community.

So if you are thinking…

  • When I lose 10 pounds I will get beautiful portraits done of myself.
  • When I have enough money I will take my “dream” vacation.
  • When I have more time I will focus on my business.
  • When I have a romantic partner then I will feel beautiful and worthy.

We invite you to say good-bye to the “when I have’s”…because if not now, then when?

When you really want something, you will and can make it happen.


What is included in this weekend intensive:





MasermindA full day of business strategy, implementation and masterminding with like-minded entrepreneurs which includes:


A powerful & necessary foundation-building process that will increase your confidence to kick a$$ status in order to attract whatever it is in your life & business that you want.

Business Strategy & Masterminding topics will include: 

  • Identify & Define Your Value while Creating Your Own Unique Message that will make You Stand Out from others with Confidence
  • Network Beyond The Business Card In A Feminine Way
  • How to Make More Money by Attracting your Ideal Client Easily & Effortlessly
  • Confidently Create Your Price Points & Offerings
  • How to Turn your Short Term & Long Term Goals into an Actionable and Fun Plan
  • Leverage your Time & Create a Schedule That You Absolutely Love

And more! Click here for the full weekend agenda….

READY to join us and guarantee your spot?

Doors close Friday September 8th.

(Limited to 8 female entrepreneurs. First Come, First Serve Basis)




$1,450.00 One-Time Payment

Or choose the 2-Payment Option (2-Payments of $750.00)

Or choose the 3-Payment Option (3-Payments of $505.00)



If you have more questions click here to schedule a quick chat with Kelly Lynn Adams and Michelle Hayes.  

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About Kelly Lynn Adams

Head TiltKelly Lynn Adams, CPC is a certified professional business leadership and life coach, motivational speaker and writer. After more than 10 years in Corporate America, Kelly Lynn was over-worked, stressed-out and had hit rock bottom. After becoming a self-help junkie, Kelly Lynn turned her life around and decided to take her passion for business, spirituality and self-love and create her own dynamic brand.

Her mission is to help women entrepreneurs build kick a$$ profitable businesses while helping them shift their mindset, increase their confidence & step into their own divine power.

Kelly Lynn’s mission is to leave a legacy for the next generation of women to come by helping one woman and one business at a time realize that they can be, do and have anything that they desire. Kelly Lynn’s work has been featured in and many other media outlets. Download her e-book “The Little Pink Book Manifesto” 10 Powerful Tools That Will Transform Your Life and Your Business, here:

About Michelle Hayes

MHbiopicMichelle first started her photography career as a wedding photographer, but helping women see themselves in a different light soon became her passion prompting her to open a separate business solely for female portraiture, Her goal while photographing each woman is to bring out her inner and outer beauty so she can see herself in a different way then society has forced upon us. Beauty is not the things society tells us. Beauty is always there within every single person and it can be uncovered at any time. Forget what’s portrayed in the media, Michelle wants to show women their unique beauty in an unforgettable portrait session complete with their own works of art to be proud of. Besides, why should all the supermodels have all the fun?

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alexis brillIf you need clarity in your business and some confidence, this is a GREAT service to achieve both. Many business coaching programs don’t place enough of an emphasis on empowerment and confidence, and this program really does.

Before participating in The Boudoir + Business Bootcamp, I felt very unsure of whether I was going in the right direction or not. I was feeling a lack of confidence in launching my program because of this uncertainty. I was kind of “stuck” in my own thoughts and in my head, and needed a “shift in perception” as Kelly has taught me. Working with Kelly so far has been absolutely invaluable to my services launching. Her coaching has changed my outlook, has given me confidence, and has helped me to get clear. She helped me identify my target audience, while still offering services for people who want to get healthier, but are not necessarily interested in a plant-based lifestyle.

I respect both Kelly and Michelle’s work, and I knew it would be worth my time and investment. I found the program to be extremely empowering. We all have our inner lioness that sometimes just wants to come out and needs help in coming out. This can be in business and in our personal lives. Some women may feel hesitant to pose in sexy clothes and lingerie, but Michelle is very professional and made me feel at ease. She has an amazing eye for detail, and is so nice to work with. I’ve never had my own photo session, so the idea was very exhilarating to me. The whole program felt like I was taking part in an adventure. I felt like I was stepping into a new version of myself: a more confident me.

In my business, I feel 100% more confident in the rollout of my new services, that Kelly is helping me with. They will rollout this spring. Kelly helped me with target market mapping, branding, services and pricing, and marketing. I really couldn’t have done this so confidently without her. Since the program, I also feel more confident, more relaxed, and more beautiful. I felt like a million bucks when I left the program, and I cannot wait to see my photos! Looking at the photos will remind me to channel the confidence I felt during the program.

Alexis Brill,

TemisAn amazing experience! Michelle is an absolute professional…really working to take pictures you will love. She is remarkable at guiding you through the whole process so that you feel comfortable and relaxed enough to pose in ways you had always dreamed of! I was, needless to say, very pleased with the results. The pictures were unpretentious and a true representation of me. The fact that this turned out to be such an enjoyable experience on top of everything else, really made thole thing really worth my while.


jaclyn-mullen2No guts, no glory. With Kelly Lynn Adams, you’ll have both AND an unwavering ability to remember that the universe will always, 100% ensure that you are taken care of, EVEN when you experience the most cloudy, confusing, confidence crushing transition periods of entrepreneurship. Here’s the story–my grandparents died, within three weeks of each other. They were my entrepreneurial and life idols–soul mates, successful achievers of the American Dream, dedicated to family. They were my best friends. It could have been a very dark time for me. Lord knows it hurt like hell. But in their honor, I had to keep going. I had to carry on their legacy. However, as a solopreneur, exhausting my 40 hours of services per week, I was emotionally tapped out. I quickly turned to Kelly Lynn Adams for support and guidance. I needed a mix between tough and tender love and I definitely got it! Immediately after our first session, she was able to help me get the process going to start a 360 degree brand transition. She gave me the confidence, support and exposure to explore the launch of an online program as an additional revenue stream in my business AND, she gave me the nudge, belief and courage to invest in myself through Marie Forleo’s B-school, all of which I am eternally grateful for. This Juicy Jersey girl can keep it real and relative at the same time! Spiritually grounded but business savvy, Kelly Lynn Adams was a catalyst for great change within me. The real question is, are you ready for her to be your catalyst too? I hope you say YES.

Jaclyn Mullen Media,

BeatrizI was skeptical at first, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be comfortable with the way the pictures would come out. I was proven wrong! The pictures are amazing! So natural, not forced. I highly recommend Michelle. She was extremely helpful, very professional; the pictures arrived on time and the price was very reasonable. I’m so glad I did it, so is my husband!”


kate northrupKelly Lynn is doing amazing work to show women a new way of living. She walks her walks and learns every day in her own life and then shares that with her audience authentically. Kelly Lynn reminds women to think bigger for themselves in terms of what’s possible in their business and their lives.

Kate Northrup, Author of Money: A Love Story,

BrittanyI was hesitant at first about a few areas of doing a boudoir session. I had the expected concerns about my body and appearance, and I was also concerned a bit about cost, privacy, and getting along well with my photographer. A photographer needs to have an easy-going, professional personality to help a normal lady feel comfortable in front of the camera! Michelle is warm, funny, and creative. She approached the session itself with a great balance of direction, both listening to my ideas and giving me suggestions for poses so that there was never an awkward moment. I felt incredibly comfortable in her presence, and that makes all the difference in getting beautiful photos. I would recommend that anyone interested in doing a boudoir session make an appointment to meet Michelle and take a look at her work. The photos speak for themselves but Michelle’s warm, approachable personality was what assured me that we would work well together.”


liz theresaKelly Lynn caught my eye as the most authentic of any coach I’ve worked with – she gets to know you on a very real level and offers specific tools and strategies for success in business and in life. This past month I have actually made the most money yet! I work hard still, yes – but I manage it better. By improving the way I manage my time, I can go out to lunch with a friend in the middle of my work day GUILT-FREE. I was not coping well with my workload — Kelly Lynn taught me how to make my schedule work for me! I wanted to be accountable for spending more ME-time. I was giving all my energy to my clients (good for them, but not good for ME). So, I’ve been using Kelly Lynn’s tricks and to-dos to make sure my schedule could accommodate me going to the gym, going out to lunch, going shopping, etc.

Liz Theresa,

NoemiI love how the pictures came out!! When I arrived for the session I was a little nervous because I do not photograph well, but it turned out to be a lot of fun. Not only did Michelle know how to pose me and what angle to take the shots, she made me feel comfortable throughout the session. When I saw the pictures, I could not believe that was me. I highly recommend Michelle. She was helpful, professional, the cost of the session was reasonable and as I stated before, I love how the pictures came out.


Phoebe-Hook-150x150I am more confident in myself and in what I am doing, I am more confident in the use of my time and I can clearly identify areas that work best for me and I am now able to say no to opportunities that don’t sit well with me, and continue working towards the bigger picture. My business grew because I knew where to focus my time, and my relationships with my little family are blooming because I am not wasting time working it out on my own. Kelly guidance is invaluable and it’s true when she says you can have it all! I would absolutely recommend Kelly Lynn to anyone that wants to grow their business. You might already be quite successful in what you do, but there is always room to grow and Kelly can help you become all you have ever imagined you can be.

Phoebe Hook,

TisbeI had always wanted to do this, but was hesitant because I wasn’t quite sure what it would entail. When I saw Michelle had boudoir parties, I gathered 3 friends and went for it. Michelle walked us through the posing and guided us through the whole process. I am not very photogenic, so I was a bit worried about how they would turn out but the end result was amazing! Michelle knew exactly how to pose me and the angles to use. It was hard to believe that the pictures were really me! I purchased a book and some digital prints – I absolutely loved how everything turned out! You don’t even have to do this for someone else – I did it for myself. Now I have these great pictures to look back to when I am old and grey. I highly recommend Michelle. Michelle was very professional and helpful through the whole process and the end result was beyond my expectations.


Rebeccas-CascianoFrom our first meeting, Kelly Lynn has been a support and inspiration. Her positive vibes and “make it happen, girl” attitude is uplifting…Kelly Lynn is a great listener, motivator, advisor and cheerleader! When working together, she helped me clearly identify my goals and stay on course to complete a big project. She also encouraged me to celebrate my accomplishments along the way, which made the process so much more enjoyable and less stressed. I am so grateful for Kelly Lynn’s consistent support and love!

Rebecca Casciano,

gabby bernsteinKelly Lynn Adams is a true ~ing Girl through and through. Her passion for life and her positivity are contagious. Kelly is a powerful force who is serving the world through beautiful content and endless love.

Gabrielle Bernstein, NY Times Best Selling Author of May Cause Miracles, Add More ~ing To Your Life and Spirit Junkie

alyssa millmanKelly Lynn is so positive and such a great cheerleader.  Her support and outside the box thinking has made work a lot of fun.  I am no longer overwhelmed, which is A HUGE breath of fresh air.  Before I felt like I was suffocating.  I am better structured in my thinking and planning.  I am confident in taking action. I have gained confidence + an incredible step by step by step game plan for getting and keeping the ball rolling.  As a result, in a 2 week time span I was invited to meet and present at an event for over 300 women- all of which are potential clients  I also booked several meetings with physicians, other healthcare professionals, and a non-profit in my area who are ALL looking forward to collaborating.  Pretty rad. Kelly Lynn gives you the mother load of content, a step by action step guide, no muss no fuss, straight to the point, if you do the work..even just baby steps- you will get results immediately.  You will finish having more confidence and a clear picture of what YOU need to do to make your biz thrive.  She is genuine, caring, uber supportive and a lot of fun.  The excitement + passion Kelly Lynn brings to the table always leaves you feeling excited and ready to take action.  The experience has been pretty profound.  I went from searching for my spark…to getting clear and going for the big time AND getting results.  It has been an true honor working with you, Kelly Lynn.  I bow my head to you in gratitude and appreciation.

Alyssa Millman




$1,450.00 One-Time Payment

Or choose the 2-Payment Option (2-Payments of $750.00)

Or choose the 3-Payment Option (3-Payments of $505.00)